Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by the beginning of the school year? It can be dizzying! Here are a couple of easy remedies to help.

To organize and keep a running inventory of crafts supplies (crayons, markers, tape, glue, etc.), you might consider hanging shoe storage, with clear plastic pockets. Each pocket could hold a different item, so easy to grab.

Do you have more than one child, each with his/her own tasks to complete? You might get a cookie sheet for each person, marked with his/her name. Drill two holes, then attach string or ribbon to hang it on a wall. Get magnets that you can write on, with specific chores – like homework, back pack ready, clothes set out, etc. The top part could hold magnets with chores to do, then the magnets could be moved to the lower area once they are done. Results – each child can get a daily sense of accomplishment, and you can keep track of what’s happening.

Organizing for School