The pantry in the house where Elizabeth and her two teenaged sons live could use some attention. We would clear the pantry clutter. First, I suggested my professional organizer’s tried-and-true method of working top-to-bottom. One son helped first, handing me the vases stored on the top shelf, which I then wiped with wet paper towels. We returned them, arranging them to be more pleasing to the family’s eyes.

Next, she and I discussed what the family eats most. Also, since the boys are tall, Elizabeth and I considered what they would want to reach easily and most often. We grouped pastas and rice, with her other son’s help.

Continuing, we placed together condiments on the next shelf down, then below it some bowls and casseroles, and a dumplings maker.

The bottom shelf held some appliances. Other items left there and on the floor rounded out the picture. We consolidated the appliances on the shelf. We emptied cardboard “boxes” holding liquid refreshments on the floor. When we finished clearing the pantry clutter, there was some empty space on the floor. So much easier on the eyes!

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Pantry Clutter Cleared With Sweet Sons’ Help!