Molly won a 90-minute session with De-clutter Me! at a one-day conference for women business owners. After her winning raffle ticket was pulled, she said that she had put her request “out to the universe.” That’s very powerful spirituality!

I arrived on a rainy afternoon. Where to work? She wanted to focus on a small, irregularly-shaped closet under a staircase. It was narrow and short, with a slanted “ceiling.” It had one low shelf, which was hidden by a variety of housewares on and in front of it.

We began by pulling everything out. Each item was considered to keep, discard, donate, recycle, or give away. Next, we talked about how to use the space. I measured it. We looked online at a variety of shelving units, discussing their relative merits. We also considered over-the-door storage, which could hold lightweight stuff. Hooks on the walls’ sides could store additional items, to make good use of every available inch. With some additional storage options, this little closet will be more useful.


Next, we thoughtfully returned some items to the closet, making sure that all could be easily seen and reached.

In the front red fabric bag – a tablecloth, lots of plastic cutlery and an American flag, supplies used for the Fourth of July. In the blue, rectangular box at the back – a big carving knife and fork, perfect for upcoming holiday meals. Other items include a huge skillet, a food processor, a pewter pitcher, placemats, and other things she may want to use.

As we finished our time together, Molly looked relieved as she smiled.

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Planning in a Challenging Closet