Willow and I continued work on her office clutter, and transforming the space. She and her husband had removed the desk from its position, placing its two sections of drawers in the center of the room. They muscled the sleeper sofa into the desk’s former spot.


Now, she and I placed the desk into the corner, facing into the room. (Much better feng shui!) We put the desk chair behind it. She remarked that it looked very corporate. I agreed, though was more concerned that she would be able to get in and out easily enough. Yes!

A light bulb moment… I suggested removing the curtains. They weren’t really necessary, as the window looks out on some of their acreage. The sleeper sofa now was on the opposite side of the room. Willow agreed. We removed them. What a difference!


We spoke about the sleeper sofa in its new spot. The long low bookcase now next to it might not be the right piece. She would think more about that. There might be a more suitable piece elsewhere in the house, or in her other office.

Another interim step

Oh, wait! The above photo shows the cubes/shelves after we worked on them. In that part of the process, I suggested my professional organizer’s time-tested method of working top-to-bottom. Willow looked a bit tentative. We tackled it. She added greeting cards to others in the middle of a lower shelf. We grouped kazoos in a ceramic cup. We set aside crafting items for the basement, where there’s enough space and light for her to comfortably work on them. And, so it went, until the cubes were organized. Some were empty – yay!


As we finished, Willow was relieved, and also maybe a bit surprised that we did so much to clear her office clutter. Success! After a break for a couple of weeks, so she can catch her breath a bit, we’ll work more, elsewhere in the house.

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Office Clutter – Progress on a Work in Progress