At the end of our first session together, a bit tentatively, Tamara asked if I would be available to help her with clothes. She had some things that she liked but didn’t wear much, and might need some encouragement to let them go. Should she keep other things? Sure, happy to help.

We focused first on the closet, and separated its two sides into work and play clothes. How lucky she was to have the space to do that! We also neatened the upper shelf. I pulled out her cross-country skis and poles, suggesting that she store them under her bed to save closet space for things really needed there. (Funny to handle skis in July!)

Next, the dresser. We pulled out each of its drawers and rolled most of the contents, so she could see everything easier.

With our remaining time, we went through two big bins against a wall. Much of their contents were winter clothes, which we consolidated into one bin. With the closet better organized, we were able to put it in the closet, without “crowding” clothes already hanging there.

Bonus points – opened-up wall space, valuable in her small bedroom!

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Reconfiguring a Closet and Dresser