Is your dresser bulging with stuff, including some things that you can’t contemplate tossing? Does that include a drawer of t-shirts? If so, you can save space by rolling those made from synthetic fibers. They won’t get wrinkled. Quite different, cotton tees might look like they’ve been languishing in a pile somewhere.

The same goes for packing. About to travel and stuffing a suitcase? You can roll t-shirts, sweaters, some pants. They’ll look fine when you arrive.

Do you have more t-shirts than you can wear? You might donate them to organizations that help individuals needing shelter and other support. If that’s not comfortable for you, you might cut them up to use as dust cloths. I did that earlier this year with a tee from a swimming fundraiser. Bonus points: the pieces showing event information remind me to stay in shape for next winter’s swim.

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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling