The following seemingly crazy ideas will help keep you sane, save time and brain power, and perhaps also use space better.

Hang your keys on the back of your front door. Not feasible? Train yourself to put them in the same place when you arrive home, perhaps in a bowl placed somewhere convenient just for that purpose.

Place a pen and paper by your phone charger.

Arrange your medicine cabinet according to how its items are used. For those who need glasses to see (anything at all), without your “specs” toothpaste could be mistaken for hand cream. The possibilities are hilarious and/or horrifying!

Keep medicines to be taken daily in the fridge, by the milk. When reaching for the milk, you’ll remember about them.

Pack your bag for various activities so you’ll always be ready. In your beach bag – sunscreen, towels, bathing suits, perhaps also something to read.

Keep cleaning supplies in the kitchen and in the bathroom. An every-day wipe of the sink in each room with a rag and quick spray of a cleaner (or pop-up wipes) will leave more time free for you. Saturday cleaning or brunch with friends? You choose!

Empty pocket change into a jar each night. It’s painless savings and helps to avoid pocket rips and/or a rattling handbag. How to use the found funds? I know a couple who use them to pay for vacations!

Clean while on the phone. With your free hand, you might dust, or wipe down a kitchen counter.

When folding bed linens, to keep sets together, fold and place matched sheets inside their pillow case before stowing them in the linen closet. No closet? Limited storage space? Fold them flat, then place them between your mattress and box spring, or under your futon.

Always searching for an item, needing it in more than one place? I keep scissors in both the kitchen and living room. They’re not far apart, but it’s more convenient.

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Seemingly Crazy Ideas to Help Keep You Sane