A few years ago, someone suggested that I add pieces of lemon to my water. (I’m one of the diligent ones, drinking lots of it every day, all day long.) Why? She said that it helps the complexion. It’s something about keeping pores open. Lemon is also good for us internally; something about controlling bacteria. (I’m not a doctor and I also don’t play one on television. Ha!) For more information about the many benefits of lemon, you might google it.

Here in Vermont, fall is transitioning to winter, with snow on the way tomorrow. As we start to hunker down for the cold months ahead, adding lemon to our daily water intake is an easy way to take good care of ourselves. Lemon also reminds us of warmer weather, which WILL return, though not soon.

After tossing hundreds of pieces of lemon, it occurred to me to recycle them in a useful way. What to do? Drop them into the garbage disposal, then run it. The result? It keeps the disposal unit from getting smelly.

Lemon helps our complexions and helps to maintain the garbage disposal, too!
Lemon to the rescue!

Photo credit – Claudia Crespo, through Unsplash.

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