It’s been a dreary weekend here in the northwestern part of Vermont, with thick clouds, some drizzle, fog, and temperatures in the 30s. There’s no snow in the valley areas, so no opportunities for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

While swimming laps yesterday morning, I thought about spring cleaning. If needed, why not do it now? The holidays are over, so lots of stuff that might need to be tossed, recycled, or given away, might still be around.

Why not spring clean now, instead of in the spring, when it might be more fun to be outside? Do the kitchen cupboards need attention? Do they hold old food? Might they be cleaned?

How about putting on some favorite music and getting it done? Maybe reward yourself when finished. Would a phone conversation with an old friend be satisfying? How about some time with a book and a favorite tea? Surely, you can think of something to warm your heart.

It might be worth your consideration. You’ll smile.

Spring Cleaning – During the Winter