Andrea got in touch. Her university sorority had a storage unit jammed full with event materials, decorations, craft supplies, two tables, and more. She described it as “scary.” Could I help to clear the storage unit clutter? Sure!

We scheduled time together. Doesn’t it figure that the chosen Saturday might include some rain, which happened so much this past summer in Vermont? I suggested that we first empty the space and sweep it clean so that, if we had to quickly put everything back, at least the floor would be swept. If necessary, we could reschedule to finish the job.

A storage unit, before we cleared its clutter, with help from De-clutter Me!

The conscientious sorority women got to work with such energy ! We pulled out everything. There were a number of colored bins, with the aforementioned contents, plus paper plates, plastic cups and serving pieces, and a seemingly lifetime supply of plastic cutlery. There also were some bed frame parts, folding chairs to both keep and discard, and a non-working washing machine. Right away, we placed the washing machine into the center front of the space, so it could be easily removed. We would work around it, as we rearranged the space.

A couple of the women assembled plastic shelving units that Andrea had ordered, based on our initial conversation. I had urged her to ensure that bins they already had would fit onto the new shelves. They dit fit – yay!

We tackled the task of exploring all of the bins’ contents. Some items were set aside to toss or recycle. Wherever possible, we consolidated “like with like.” Some raindrops fell, several hours ahead of their predicted time. Luckily, they stopped. We continued on. Finally, it was time to return items to the space. It felt like doing a jigsaw puzzle! Would everything fit neatly? It looked doubtful. Some items to be discarded magically went into some cars. We pushed the washing machine back a bit, and placed other items to also be trashed in front of it – the two tables and some of the folding chairs.

Energetic sorority women sort through a storage unit's contents
In process…

How to get rid of the big items? I promised to recommend a possible help source, and asked Andrea for a photo of the space once they were removed.

The storage unit reorganized, with items to be discarded "front and center'

As we finished, to the minute after the scheduled three hours began, I reminded Andrea that she had described the space as being “scary.” What did she think now? She said that it was “serene” and “peaceful,” and that she even could imagine hanging out there. Really? While a bit unlikely, it was a lovely compliment!

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