Now that we’re past the mid-January point, you may have caught your breath after the holidays. Are you now thinking to make sense of some piles that you’ve perhaps had for a long time, and others that somehow appeared during holiday busy-ness?

Here are some easy fixes. I especially like baskets, for their functionality and style. They look good and can be used for different solutions as your needs change. Made in many different sizes and styles, they often can be found quite affordably. Store toys and books; catalogs, magazines and newspapers before recycling.

Like baskets, cloth bins hold many objects, too, from table linens to toys to…you get the picture.

Trays are great, too. They don’t take up much space, and can tame the mess on bathroom counters, bars and other areas.

Canisters are great for kids’ stuff. If you can find them, the kind made of clear glass with tops on the bias will keep contents visible. Think crayons, small plastic pieces for built structures.

Already suggested elsewhere on this website, you can easily organize bills, which tend to collect on my kitchen counter; maybe on yours, too. Place them in due date order in a manila file folder or in a napkin holder.

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