Over two sessions, Judy and I focused on two parts of the garage. The first was a set of shelves but, to move around, first we had to clear in front of a parked car. We separated some pieces of wood to be cut for kindling. We decided to devote the shelves to gardening and lawn supplies. We used my professional organizer’s method of working top-to-bottom. On top – a sprinkler, a big watering can, plant food. Below it, we placed tools, sprays, grass seed and fertilizers. We put old “stuff” in her car, for a trip to the dump. Everything remaining was visible and easy to reach, ready for next gardening season.



Next, we organized part of the garage’s opposite wall. My first action – to sweep the floor, so we wouldn’t push dirt and leaves around. One goal – to clear the canoe as much as possible. At some mental level (for me, anyway), it felt disrespectful to use it as a storage space.

I brought inside and tucked into the corner a 12-foot ladder, which had been outside. In front of it – a shorter ladder and podium, which Judy found. It was useful as a new church was founded several years ago. We brought tires out, which were for Judy’s car. We pulled other old or obsolete items, some of which were destined for the dump, placing them in her car. We tucked small items on the “crossbars” of the saw horses under the canoe. On top – just a few things, including a paddle.

Could Judy have smiled any brighter? That’s unsure. With the changing seasons and increasing cold, we may have to wait until spring to continue our work around the garage.

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Teaching an Old Garage New Tricks