For our next project, Michael chose an outdoor storage space next to the house front door. It’s like a mini garage, though without a door. It held bikes, summer sports equipment, his daughter’s stilts, a folding chair, and more. Up top – an extension cord, car rack parts, a screen. We would clear the garage clutter.

Using my professional organizer’s method of working top-to-bottom, we started up top. I suggested hanging the extension cord. We placed the rack parts below. We stored the screen vertically. (It’s used for garlic!)

Below, we used the rack for the two adult-sized bikes. I recommended hanging them, to save space. We hung bike helmets on hooks already there – yay!

We put summer toys into the bin also already there, including badminton rackets and a plastic bat. When the summer season ends soon, it will be easy to put the bin in the basement, then bring it back up for next summer.

As we worked, Michael asked me to name the space. The first name that popped into my mind was Alphonse, for no reason at all. Not a good choice. Now, I think Minnie is a better name, for the mini garage! I hope he laughs at the suggestion, then agrees. Whatever name sticks, let’s hope it’s fun. More important, though – the garage clutter is gone!


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Garage Clutter – the Mini Garage!