Jessica’s family lives in a stately house dating from 1830. She often works at home, since her workplace is a 90-minute commute away – each way! After discussing some de-cluttering and organizing in the kitchen, me moved on to clear some of her home office clutter.

Overall, the room wasn’t bad, though her sewing table was a “hot mess.” Its disorder sometimes made it difficult to concentrate on her senior management-level job. We started at one end, clearing the space, and placing sketching paper into containers for her partner’s and sons’ enjoyment. Other items were discarded or recycled.



Next, we focused on the area under the table, which held drawing paper and other materials for creating and storing art. We consolidated the paper, so that the three boys could get to it easier. We also added to two large portfolios, “anchoring” them so that their contents would stay upright.

When we finished clearing her home office clutter, Jessica’s bright smile was a delight to see! We spoke about where we might work next. Success!

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Office Clutter – the Sewing Table Rescued!