An earlier Success Stories posting was about Caroline’s plan to transform her home office into an office – guest room combination. She did some research, then we went to Ikea’s Montreal store. There were two bases in stock for the futon couch she wanted. She quickly grabbed one. We placed the big, awkward box on a cart. We also picked up a mattress and cover. She paid for them, we muscled the items into her small SUV, then went back inside to eat lunch and explore other parts of the store.

We set another time to work together. We would bring the futon couch parts into her house and assemble it.

After I arrived on a hot, hot afternoon, we talked through how to make it all happen. I suggested first moving the desk out of the room. It would be easier to assemble the couch, plus moving the desk to its already-planned new space in another room would push that part of the larger project along, too. Okay. We discussed the best way to move the desk, which would involve stairs. Would it be better to carry it outside? No, we would make it happen indoors. We likely don’t have a bright future as a two-woman moving company, but we got it done.

Caroline did most of the assembly work, with me assisting a bit. (This stuff isn’t my strong suit.) She pulled a couple of brand-new, bagged throw pillows from the closet, bought “for a song” from someone moving to Europe. Their navy blue color wasn’t great with the dark grey mattress cover we chose, but different covers would fix that.


Next to the newly-assembled futon couch was a heavy two-drawer file cabinet. It would serve as a night table. We moved the computer monitor to the other desk in the room, once Caroline confirmed that the printer still could work. It was about the router. Yay!

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The Plan for a New Couch Completed!