I know Karen from the pool. She has clothes in two different rooms at home. Would I come over to help her consolidate and move summer clothes into storage and fall items into “rotation,” as she called it? The timing would be good, since her husband was away on a vacation. We wouldn’t be in his way or otherwise disturb him. Of course!

To get rid of “visual noise,” I suggested that we first focus on the area directly in front of her closet. We cleared the top of a low chest and the window sill.

Next, we turned our attention to the top of her dresser and the coat rack next to it. A few small items were placed with her luggage, to be ready for her next trip. We started a box of goodies for visiting little ones to enjoy, including the colorful plastic rings.

Finally, we worked on the closet. We pulled boxes and bags from its top right shelf and the floor. We stored elsewhere some contents, and returned a couple of boxes with family photos and other items for her future consideration. We refolded some tops. We took a comforter out of the chest and placed in it swim goggles, and a handful of summer tops and shorts. They’ll be handy for packing when she and her husband go on their annual March sailing vacation, somewhere in the Caribbean.

In our next session, we’ll work on the second room where Karen has stored clothes.

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Transitions – the Seasons and Karen’s Closet