As the holidays approach, let’s think about traveling with pets.  A friend recently passed along some ideas that could help to keep Fido, Miss Kitty, other pets – and their human companions! – happy as all travel together.

Of course, if you’ll stay at another home, please check with your host(s) first. Are pets welcome? Is anyone allergic to them? This is important to know, to ensure a comfortable and nice visit for everyone, humans and non-humans alike.

Here are some other tips –

  • Do less than you may have planned originally. Traveling with pets can be like traveling with small children. Critters need time to get used to new places. Bonus points – it also helps their humans to slow down and perhaps to enjoy the new environment more.
  • Consider your pet’s personality. What destinations and activities will be fun? If your pet gets nervous in big cities, though loves wide-open spaces, you might opt for the latter option.
  • Before traveling, check your pet’s IDs. Its tags and/or microchip should reflect your current contact information.
  • Bring health records. If you have to visit an unfamiliar vet, having flea and tick, vaccination, and prescription information printed on paper or on a flash drive could lower the stress level, for both you and your pet. Also, some hotels and airlines require proof that vaccinations and flea control are current.
  • Respect rules. Review hotel or other rental property pet policies when making reservations. Don’t try to sneak pets into places where they’re not welcome. That will keep your pet safe and your human smile intact.

Photo credit to Emerson Peters through Unsplash.

Happy holidays, to you and your pets!

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