In our next session, Mike and I organized one side of the family’s garage. In its cupboards and on shelves – the typical gardening and car stuff. Beyond that, though, Mike used to own a construction company, so there were its tools and other related items to organize, too.

As ever, using my professional organizer’s tried-and-true method of working top-to-bottom, we started with the cupboard that mostly held gardening stuff. Mike wanted to devote the large cupboard next to it for gardening. We moved pots, bug repellents and some other items there. To the left, we placed paint and related supplies. Up top, we put car and truck windshield washer fluid, oil and other items that didn’t need protection from normal garage dust.

Next, we worked on two tall sets of shelves, organizing construction tools and related items. When they were done, there was an empty shelf! Hooray! That doesn’t often happen.

To the far right, there was a player piano which, clearly, had seen better days. Its story? Mike said they got it with the house. (That brought back a funny memory for me. When moving years ago, my family got a cat with the house, but that’s another story!) I offered to contact a piano tuner for possible advice about what to do with it.

In a stroke of absolute creative genius, after we rolled two tarps, Mike suggested placing them behind the bindings of the snowboard sitting atop the player piano. Brilliant!


Look for the tarps!

Where would we work next? That was to be determined, but Mike was smiling. Success!

Part of the basement before we cleared its clutter!

We Begin the Garage