Dan emailed. His family had moved from Florida to Vermont, and needed some help with settling in. Would I be available? Sure!

As I arrived, he was about to leave for a doctor’s appointment. Instead, his wife Lauren showed me around their lovely home. We discussed several project ideas. What was bugging her most? It was playroom clutter, in a large room used mostly by three of their children. It also included an area for viewing DVDs and movies. It could use some attention.

I suggested my professional organizer’s time-tested, successful method of starting in one corner and working our way around the room. First, though, the walkway space into the room. On the floor – pieces of magnetic toy pieces, a comforter, a rug and, for extra effect, their dog walking across the area.


We started by picking up the toy pieces, and folding the comforter and rug. Quick progress!

The above photo shows more progress beyond the walkway. Lauren and I methodically worked our way around the room, adding various toys and pieces into bins that already held like-kind items. We placed other items in more containers that, to my mind, were magically available.




Next, we focused on a corner area, with a child-sized toy stove. We also discussed two storage pieces that were in the garage. They might display some of daughter Piper’s dolls. Lauren and Dan brought them upstairs. They fit in nicely near the wall, just below where the sloping ceiling begins. Yay!


As we finished our session together, Lauren seemed a bit surprised that we were able to clear the playroom clutter in the available time. She smiled. Success!

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Playroom Clutter Cleared – It’s More Ready for Play!