She realized that she needed help from a professional organizer. A google search led her to De-clutter Me! We had a lively and even funny phone conversation, and scheduled a session.

Among other work activities, she is a professional baker, providing “incredibly cute cakes!” Space is at a premium in her charming studio/one bedroom home, so we would have to be especially careful and strategic as we organized her cupboards.

Anticipating our work together, she bought some plastic containers to hold varied items. We worked on three cupboards. In one of them, we removed everything, placing items not often used at the top. The middle and bottom shelves were organized with baking supplies in the containers. We tested their weight. It would be okay to pull a container out completely to find the right ingredient. Other foods were placed around them.

Kitchen cabinet before

I urged her to keep the top of the microwave clear, to eliminate “visual noise.” We also cleared the top of the fridge, then put into a cupboard above it items she rarely uses, since it’s not easy to reach.

We also organized the cupboard above the sink. As with the others, less-often used items were put on the top shelf, reserving the lower “most valuable real estate” for things she would reach for more often.

kitchen cabinet after

Our time used up, she smiled.

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A Work-Oriented Kitchen Cupboard Organized

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