Beth Anne owns and directs a dance academy, with pupils ranging from four-year-olds to adults. She’s passionate about it, and grateful that she can work in a discipline that she dearly loves.

In our first session, we organized a closet, knowing that we will revisit it at another time. Why? She said that only half of the horizontal rod would be needed for hanging costumes. The remaining half of the closet could be devoted to shelves, which she would have built as soon as possible. Once they’re installed, we’ll work on the closet again, so that its contents are easily seen and reached.

In our remaining time, we started on a small chest of drawers in what she jokingly called her “corner office,” in the larger of the two dance studios.

We devoted one drawer to first aid and picture hanging supplies, and another drawer to stickers, markers and glue. Ribbons, too! As we kept discovering more and more, Beth Anne kept saying that she’ll never have to buy ribbon again. The last drawer was devoted to fabric and partial costumes.

Our time used up, we agreed to return to the chest of drawers in our next time together.

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