That’s what Alison said at the beginning of our session, meaning that I provided the needed energy, instead of caffeine. She had requested time with a professional organizer for Christmas. Her mother, who lives in Pennsylvania, looked online, and emailed me, encouraged, in part, by my musical interests. She’s a professional violinist.

After a few exchanged emails and a phone conversation, Martha sent a check, with Alison’s local contact information. We scheduled a date during the first week of January.

Alison has a small business, in which she leads “early childhood and movement classes for babies to five-year-olds and the grownups who love them.” We would focus our time on two bookcases in the guest room/office of the apartment shared with her husband.

Attending to the bookcase on the left and working top to bottom, we first pulled books for donation and give-away. Next, we consolidated instruments. As many other clients have, we collected cords for various electronics and placed them in a basket. We straightened curricula.

Next, the bookcase on the right. We pulled boots, shoes and sandals from the top. They would go into the closet or closer to the front door. We put office supplies together. As with the other bookcase, we stored together some materials for Alison to sort at another time.

Our gift time used up, Alison was delighted, saying that she would ask her mother for another visit in early January of 2019. That’s a first! No one’s asked for de-cluttering a year in advance. Bonus points for Martha – Christmas shopping done!

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