What’s a Gratitude/Happiness Jar? Is there a way to capture those feelings and place them somewhere? While not exactly, it is possible to record them to be enjoyed later on. How?

First, find a big jar that you can easily reach every day. On a small piece of paper, write something that you’re thankful for that day. It can be as simple as enjoying the sunshine, or something big. You choose!

Not meaning to be “Pollyanna-ish” here, but we all have both good and bad days. Finding something good in each day can boost our spirits when needed and positively affect our health.

I started one for the year yesterday, and dated the entry. I’ll try to use colored paper, so they look nice. Next New Year’s Day, I’ll dump them out to read and enjoy. Happy New Year – and cheers!

Fill the jar!

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It’s a Great Time to Start a Gratitude/Happiness Jar