Many, if not most of us, put off tasks that may take lots of time, or challenge us, or otherwise cause stress.

Two such tasks  (figuratively) hovered over my head, with daily reminders that they existed. I sing in the Bella Voce Women’s Chorus, and serve as our historian. I write our history, which I actually enjoy, and also update our scrapbooks, which I obsess about and always avoid. (While scrapbooking was a recent fad, it may have faded out within the last year or so. Having our seven scrapbooks provides a wonderful, and fun, visual record of our history. As we begin our 15th season, it’s easy to forget details about our early years.)

Within the last week, I updated both our written history and our current scrapbook. Though neatly arranged, the pile of music scores, concert programs, Scotland tour information, Annual Meeting and other notes is gone from my office floor. Poof! Magic! The area looks physically neater, and I actually feel lighter.

It’s like when I ask my clients if they feel lighter as we clear their clutter.  They always smile and agree. It’s the same for me. I’m “smiling out loud,” and now can turn my free-time focus to other hobbies and some other household projects.

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Tasks Completed and Mental Clutter Gone!