A mutual friend recommended that Judy contact De-clutter Me! We spoke about a variety of projects and scheduled a first session. She wanted to focus on the dining room table, which held a computer that didn’t always work properly, bills, books, art pieces, and other items. All could be placed elsewhere. She wanted it cleared, so that family and friends could enjoy meals and shared company.

We placed the persnickety computer in her corner desk, set aside recycling, filled several bags with documents to be shredded. We filed bank statements in a kitchen two-drawer file cabinet, and consolidated tax documents. Books were boxed for donation. With each session, as more of the table’s surface became visible, Judy’s smile grew wider.

With the table cleared off, the dining room seemed bigger – magic! We set the table, anticipating a visit from family, who soon would come to play in the snow.

What would be next? A box next to the table needed attention, as did a few spots in the kitchen, before the family’s visit.

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Dining Room Table Clutter Cleared!