Etienne and Paul’s family kitchen is tiny. So is a closet that they use as a pantry. As usual, with my professional organizer’s method of working top-to-bottom, we rearranged it, putting “like with like.” We also kept closely in mind Paul’s professional background as a chef. The major cook in the family, we stored items where he would find them easily.

The following two “after” photos don’t do the effort justice, as the shelves are much more organized than they appear to be.


The next two sets of “before” and “after” photos show the lower part of the pantry, which held a mixture of foods and appliances. One is a waffle iron dating from the 1940s (yes!) that the family enjoys using.

Our time used up, and with Etienne smiling brightly, we discussed where to focus next. How about the mud room? Okay!

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