Becky had a project in mind for our session together – cupboard organization. She already had done some decluttering before our meeting, which had been postponed for a couple of months. First, there were a family illness and a wedding, then a very icy road and driveway. Life gets in the way of life.

In both cupboards, we worked top to bottom, consolidating like materials together. We placed similar items – tape, post-it notes, etc. – in boxes.

We took care to leave some open space, for two reasons. One would leave room to add more items as needed. Secondly, the eyes could “rest” when looking at the cupboards. As another client said some time ago, in addition to clearing clutter, it’s also about eliminating “visual noise.”

Tip – Whenever possible, leave open space in an area you’ve just cleared. It will calm you. You’ll also “smile out loud!”

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Cupboard Organization to the Rescue

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