From my professional organizer archives, here are nine mottos to help you clear clutter and achieve balanced organizing. They will bring order to your mind and to the rooms in your home.

Rule #1: One In, One Out

When you bring a new item into your home, get rid of another. Example – books!

Rule #2: Don’t Transfer Clutter

Clearing dining room clutter? Don’t bury another room in the process. Be courageous and, if needed, ruthless as you work.

Rule #3: Double Trouble

Do you have two can openers? Five similar screwdrivers? Get rid of duplicates. If in good condition, consider donating or giving them away, as long as you aren’t contributing to anyone else’s clutter. If not usable, toss them.

Rule #4: Store Where Used

Keep toner by the printer, chandelier bulbs near it.

Rule #5: Make Labels

Mark shelves, bins and boxes so everyone in your household can help to put things away.

Rule #6: A Place for Nothing

Create one empty cupboard, shelf or drawer in each room, for when the balance tips and overflow happens. The visual reminder can be powerful and give your eye(s) a chance to rest. Ahhhh!

Rule #7: A to Z

Fix one spot from start to finish, instead of jumping from one pile (or mess) to another.

Rule #8: Just Do It

Consolidate all of your to-do items into a single checklist, whether on your phone or on the fridge. My decades-old and successful method – a spiral notebook. No electronics needed. It includes phone numbers and other useful information, so saves time when revisiting past tasks, if necessary.

Rule #9: Roll With It

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. Organizing is a circle, not a straight line.

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The Nine Rules of Balanced Organizing

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